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Arnika Salamat pharmaceutical Co.

Arnika Salamat pharmaceutical Co.

Arnika Salamat pharmaceutical Co. is an innovative manufacturer in Iran with GMP certified production facility available to cater to all segments to export markets. Relying on more than 20 years of its founders' experience, Arnika Salamat pharmaceutical Co. was established in 2009 and has targeted local and global markets since then.

We are experts in producing dosage forms like suppositories, creams, ointments and gels and will be introducing other dosage forms soon. We can provide diverse formulations to all those who desire premium quality with reasonable price, tailored to any customer taste.

  • Specialism
  • Health oriented
  • Quality oriented
  • Team work
  • Continuing/Sustaining/Perpetual development
  • Creativity and innovation in the improvement of public health


Arnika Salamat pharmaceutical Co. plans to use local knowledgeable pharmaceutical specialist for manufacturing high quality medicines in the country and with targeting global markets proves quality and efficiency of pharmaceutical industry of the country.


Employing knowledgeable pharmaceutical professionals in order to meet the medication needs of the country Development of new technologies in the production of drugs with less side effects and more efficacy Create an environment suitable for the prosperity of the new talents through coherent and targeted team work Creating engagement with physicians in order to produce a better and more effective medicines.


  • Specialism
  • Being health oriented
  • Quality oriented
  • Team work
  • Sustainable development
  • Creativity and innovation in the improvement of public health


Strategy The company plans to use the expertise of committed staff and create a cohesive teamwork by creating innovation and improving quality in manufactured products in the country is causing the expansion of health and upgrade it and achieve sustainable development. We want to use existing talents in the country in order to export our products to the region and other parts of the world.

Our Products


Suppository dosage form is one of the highly used medicinal products. Due to the creation of a suitable blood concentration of the drug in a short time, suppositories containing analgesics are highly recommended by doctors. In children, in particular, anti-fever suppositories are highly regarded by pediatricians to control fever while the child is not wake.

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Research and Development

In pharmaceutical industry, research and development is one of the pillars of progress. Innovation in research and development can create new drugs with fewer side effects and greater efficacy. Utilizing the knowledge gained from the most recent scientific advances in the world, the Research and Development Department of Arnika Salamat pharmaceutical company continuously strives to improve formulations of its drug products to meet the ever-changing market needs.
We are eager to cooperate with companies and universities in various fields. If you are interested in such cooperation, please contact us through info@arnikahealth.com

The major activities of this division :

  • Selection of pharmaceutical molecules to produce
  • Pre-formulation studies
  • Formulation of new drug products
  • Developing or modification of formulations of our current drug products
  • Pharmaceutical Research and introducing new drugs

Business Partnership

Arnika Salamat pharmaceutical company is ready to cooperate with international and domestic companies in various fields of production in the forms of contract manufacturing, under-license or technology transfer To achieve this goal, we invite all pharmaceutical companies interested in utilizing the production capabilities of our organization to contact us. We can gladly provide necessary manufacturing facilities particularly to companies which have the new pharmaceutical formulations and/or production know-how of their new drugs.

Our company is also keen on cooperating with reputable companies in order to produce under-licence products.Arnika Salamat pharmaceutical Co eagerly seeks new partners in manufacturing of new medicinal products.

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